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FYDELITY- Daily Daytripper Backpack - BLACK


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FYDELITYs Stereo book bag backpacks make sharing your tunes easy. Handles just enough gear to get you there and back again, no strings attached. Fydelity stereo backpacks have room for a small laptop, tablet or netbook plus those old-fashioned schoolbooks.

FYDELITY stereo bags have a built-in amplifier and speakers that let you listen to music without headphones. Fydelity bags connect to most any MP3 player or smart phone. Bring your beats to the streets or just bust some jams with your friends while "Listening Outside the Box".



3.5 mm stereo iPhone compatible jack


Maximum 3000 milliWatts

Signal to Noise Ratio: 60db

Frequency Response: 150HZ ~ 20KHZ

Amp Input Sensitivity: 200mV/150 ohm (at 1KHz)

Channel Isolation: 40db

Distortion: 1.7-9.2%


3.0" x 1.5" 8 ohm Full-Range Loudspeaker

Resin Impregnated Cone with Bubble Edge


DC 6 Volts

On/off switch with blue LED indicator light


Use only 4 x "AA" Alkaline, Lithium or rechargeable cells for optimum performance up to 8 hours

When batteries are weak, playback sound will become distorted.

Discard used batteries responsibly


Slide the battery door away from compartment to open.

Insert four "AA" size batteries and replace battery door.

Remove the batteries when not in use for extended periods.


Plug the 3.5mm stereo audio jack into the headphone socket on any MP3 player. Make sure the hold switch is released.

Slide the Fydelity amplifier power switch to the ON position and a blue light will illuminate.

Start listening outside the box.

Adjust the volume and equalizer settings to meet the requirements of every song. Maximum levels may cause distortion or speaker buzzing due to songs sampled at a low bit-rate.

When you're finished listening, turn off your MP3 player and slide the Fydelity amplifier power switch to the OFF position.

Materials: PU Vegan Leather or 600 Denier Polyester with PU backcoating, PP webbing, ABS plastic.

Dimensions: approx. 18 H X 14 W X 6D

Wash with damp cloth

Splash proof, but NOT water proof

Made in China