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Ultra-Slim Fanny Pack: Dirty Water Dog


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(Continental US Only)

The smell of hotdogs fills the noisy carnival air. Your nose follows the scent coming from the right side and you see Carbzilla who is downing his 5th hot dog judging from the state of his belly and the mess around his mouth dripping from his chin. You leer in vegan disgust and pat your Dirty Water Dog ultra slim fanny pack around your waist with a smirk,

"Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

You reach into your Dirty Water Dog fanny and pull out a celery stick. You bite on it hungrily and chew with such gusto as tears as salty as Nicky Minaj's fans over Grammy snub fall down from your eyes.

Dirty Water Dog. Delicious hot dog in a bun print. Each bag is quality checked by a team of "bbq dads" who see to it that all seams are double stitched to perfection and that each bag would live to see a lot of carnivals and cookouts to come.

Dimensions: 9" x 5.5" x 1" (24cm x 14cm x 3cm) Belt strap length adjusts from 28" to 44" (70cm to 111cm) and an optional 12" extender is available for additional purchase.