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Ultra-Slim Fanny Pack: LASER Red


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Ultra-Slim Fanny Pack: LASER Red

RED. The color of blood and fire.

I saw her under the bright strobe lights; her cyberlox a blazing red color, shiny red goggles sitting atop of it. She wore a short red skirt with her red PVC leather corset. Tied tightly around her waist and chest, the glossy red PVC leather top gleaming as the lights hit all the right places. Her black fishnet stockings devilishly accentuating her sheeny red tights. And to complete her fiery ensemble, crimson red fetish boots.

She waved and almost instinctively I waved back. I thought I saw her eyes fire up but it was hard to be certain under the flashing lights and the rest of her face hidden underneath a shiny red PVC doctor's mask. It seemed like everything and everyone around us were moving in slow motion as she made her way towards me. I could hear Psyborg Corp playing in the background, my heart pounding almost rhythmically to "My Mechatronics".

Closer and closer she came. I made my move stepping right in front of her. There was no mistaking the fire in her eyes now! Like a vulture on rotting flesh I was drawn towards her burning eyes. I could sense she felt the same way, her face inching closer to mine. And like a cobra about to strike its prey, she reared her head back and smashed it into my nose! From the ground where I fell, I could see her laughing with her friends who had been standing behind me. But I knew right there, it was love. She was passion! Rage! Malice! She was RED.

LASER Red. Red and shiny. The LASER Red ultra slim fanny pack fits everything you need for Infest or the M'era Luna Festival without sacrificing your style. Glossy red surface evocative of a pool of fresh blood. Double stitched seams on the best possible materials for countless EDM festival attendances for eternity.

Dimensions: 9" x 5.5" x 1" (24cm x 14cm x 3cm) Belt strap length adjusts from 28" to 44" (70cm to 111cm) and an optional 12" extender is available for additional purchase.