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Origin Story

Living in a decade enveloped by the Marvel Universe, we thought you'd like to know FYDELITY's Origin Story as well....

"I Went into the Desert and Had a Vision"

Believe it or not, our Founder, Designer & Chief Rok-it Scientist jAson Entner started off as a mild mannered college professor as well.  He wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider, but the light and space of Lollapalooza, The Grateful Dead and early music festivals really put the zap on his head and sparked a passion for designs that embody a lifestyle for...

"Living in the Mix"

FYDELITY breaks the beats of Music, Fashion, and Technology into designs that flow with the pulse of cool. Inspiration comes from all around and our products are not creations as much as they are evolutions.  Some of jAson's many products have included original iPod Cases, Fi-Hi Speaker Bags, Tracelets light-up bracelets, Mixie Bikes, Audiobots...

"Rok-It Science"

"What it all adds up to, is just one thing
(Fydelity) is, the king of the swing
And if you mess with us, you'll be a real short liver
You may be big but our bodyguard's bigger

Can you rock it like this?
I can rock it like that..."
-Run DMC

"Makin' Moves"

In 2009 jAson cash advanced 10 G's on his credit card and got a one way ticket to Hong Kong to focus on product design and directly oversee FYDELITY's production. In 2010 he moved to Shenzhen to be closer to the factories and set-up the Original Soundtrack Technology Factory in 2014.  We now exclusively manufacture most all of the FYDELITY gear in house to ensure that we only use high quality safe materials.

"The Party's in the Bag"

Love Music,
Love Fashion,
Love Technology.

a lifestyle that mixes dreams with reality designing a kaleidoscopic array of new and reimagined accessories for “Living in the Mix!”

jAson Entner

Rok-It Scientist