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FYDELITY- 7" stacheVYNL- Black


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FYDELITY- stacheVYNL 7" Fashion Box Bag | LICORICE | Retro Vintage Vinyl Record Inspired Handbag, DJ, Computer, Hard Case Diggin' for some great new vinyl or just a fashionable new bag? Inspired by vintage vinyl records, use the stacheVYNL bag carry and store all your treasures inbetween gigs. Use if as a purse, breifcase or a DJ bag. The strudy box bag construction will protect what ever is inside and look great doing it. The perfect gift for that someone who has everything and wants nothing. Use it for record digging, thrift store sifting, or to carry your records to the next gig. Great for DJ's, Dad's, grandkids or any vinyl collectors in your life. The stacheVYNL Bag is made with retro styled vegan leathers and a class TC printed lining. The stacheVYNL bag is as functional as it is fashionable. It holds 20+ standard 12" LP albums. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and locking top cover. Yoou can carry a laptop inside or use it as a brief case. Made of Vegan Leather. Designed in Brooklyn, CA Fydelity, The Party's in the Bag!